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We provide Arkansas legal documents that have been prepared by and used by Arkansas lawyers. We also provide instructions so you can use these documents in Arkansas legal transaction or in Arkansas Courts.

We provide documents and instructions. If you need more help we can assist you in scheduling a consultation with a lawyer whose full-time job in practicing law in Arkansas every day.

Family Law

When you have issues with your Family it is stressful and we are here to try and help. 

We have the documents you need to help with your family law issues. Everything from opening the file, to serving the other person, getting the order, and closing the file. 


We all know what a divorce is and it can be a stressfull time. Our hope is that we can help you through the process without the expense of a lawyer.


A Paternity action is what you have to file if you are dealing with child-custody or child-support and are not and were not married to the child’s other parent.


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Guardianships are what you file when you are trying to get custody of a minor that is not your child or you need to have custody of an incapacitated adult.


A modification is when you are changing an order that is already in place. Basically, with custody and/or support is established and you need to modify it. 


Consultations with experience Arkansas lawyers.

Last Will & Testament

This document provides how to deal with the property you own when you pass. It will deal with who is in charge and where the property goes.

Powers of Attorney

This includes your property and healthcare powers of attorney. It can also include your healthcare directive (living will)


You use a deed to transfer real estate to another person(s) or entity (trust or llc).


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Living Will

This is also known as your advanced health care directive or you DNR. It is used when you do not want to be on life support.


Consultations with experienced Arkansas Lawyers.

Estate Planning

Your legacy matters. We hope to provide you with the documents you need for your family. 

Get a Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney, a trust, whatever you need for your family. One low price and consultations with Arkansas attorneys. 


When a loved one dies it is stressful. We hope to help you through the probate process. 

We have documents to open the probate, run the publicaiton, inventory, accounting, sell property, distribute property, and close the estate. 

Getting Started

From filing the petition for probate and getting the Last Will and Testatement admitted to probate, running the publication, and letting everyone know.


One you have the probate open, then you need to find out what assets are in the estate and file and inventory if the interested persons do not waive it.


Once a year and when you close the estate you need to produce an accounting that tells the interested persons what happened with the property in the estate, unless they waive. 

Selling Property

In a probate you may need the Court’s persmission to sell property of the estate. It could be for real estate or personal property.

Closing the Estate

Once you have everything done in the estate, then you will need to file the documents to distribute the assets, then distribute them, then close the estate. 


Consultations with experience Arkansas lawyers.

Form an LLC

The will provide the information to form an LLC and yes it is FREE!

Get a Tax ID Number

This will provide you direction to obtain an federal EIN for your business, and yes it is FREE!

Operating Agreement

This is the agreement that will control how your LLC is manageed and the relationship between you and your partners.

Meeting Minutes

You can use this to create meeting minutes for a special meeting or for your annual meeting. This will help your LLC stay in complaince. 

Non-Compete Agreements

To help protect the business you have built. Non-compete can help stop employees from taking your customers your business.


Consultations with experienced Arkansas Lawyers.


Protect your Business. Whether you are just starting out or you have built something amazing.

We can help start business, keep it compliant, and protect what you have built. Also, at anytime you can schedule a consultation with an Arkansas Lawyer. 

Real Estate

The real estate we own can be a large portion of our assets. It is important we protect it. 

We have deeds (quit claim, warranty, etc.), leases, docs for evictions, and purchase agreements. 


There are may different types of deeds. The ones we offer are: warranty, quit claim, life estate, and beneficiary. 


We can help get a person who is living in your property and not paying rent out of your property. 


If you are going to rent to someone, it is best you are protected with an Arkansas lease. 

Purchase Contract

If you are looking to sell a piece of property, then you probably need to get it under contract. 

Contract for Deed

If you are owner finacing real estate, this may help protect you if the purchaser does not pay.


Consultations with experience Arkansas lawyers.

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