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Family Law

This includes divorce, paternity, modificaiton of support and/or custody, guardianship, and adoption. 


We all know what this is. We help you get divorced or repsond to a divorce that has been filed against you. 


This is how you established who is the father and settle child support and custody issues for parents who are not married. 


This is how you get custody over a child that is not yours (normally grandchild, niece or newphew) or over an adult that is incapcitated.


This is used if there has already been a case (divorce, paternity, guardianship) and you want to modify the existing situtaion. 


We all know what this. We have documents to file or respond to an adoption. 


You can purchase consultation with Arkansas attorneys if you need some help along the way. 


  • Affidavit of Residency –  you can use this instead of having a witness show up to testify you are a resident whether or not you have a hearing.
  • Child Support Worksheet – worksheet provided by the Court to calculate child support.
  • Divorce Decree – makes you divorce, changes your name if you want it, deals with property and debt, and deals with child support and custody.
  • Order of Paternity – adjudicates the father to be the legal father and sets out child support and custody.
  • Order Appointing Guardian – determines incapacity and sets out who is in charge of the person and estate of the ward.
  • Disposition sheet – Court required document to close your case.

What the document are:

  • Cover sheet – required by the Courts to open or re-open a case in Arkansas.
  • Confidential Information Sheet – your are not supposed to put confidential information (birth dates, social security numbers, etc.) in court documents, so you put there in here and the court does not release the information.
  • Summons – this is the document you serve someone with along with the complaint.
  • Waiver of Service – if the defendant signs this, you do not have to serve them. Often used in uncontested cases.
  • Complaint – the document the starts the lawsuit and you serve it with the summons.
  • Party Affidavit – if a judge will let you get divorced without  a hearing, this will be your testimony. If you have to have a hearing, it will show you what questions are necessary.

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